First Day Reflection- Collazo

The first day of the Press Pass was not how I expected it to be, yet it was extremely interesting. I learned so much in such a short period of time. At first I was very nervous since but throughout the day those emotions keep changing. By the end of the day I was more surprised than anything. I learned things I had no idea about and that’s why I came here. This program is showing me how great the media world can be but also how much dedication it takes to be part of it. I learned about the RTNA Code of Ethics, the things to be kept in mind, the pregnant I, VO, VOSOTVO, rule of thirds, and the roles of the producer, writer, anchor, everything! I feel like I learned what any college student has to learn in a semester. Also, I enjoyed seeing my classmates’ projects because I saw how we all got very different things from the same space. This was such a productive day; I can’t wait so see what is next.Cl1p2UeXIAE9Vpy

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