Graduation Day

Press_Pass_PicWell on the first day of this camp if u didn’t already  read I didn’t know what to expect. I was overwhelmed and completely confused, but I have to say now that it’s over I’m really sad. I learned so much from Professor Collins that’s I can’t even say all that I learned. In 7 days I learned what she teaches in a full semester. I may not have these skills mastered but that will come in the future. I’m  confident in my capabilities to produce a successful news break. The skills I learned at camp will not only help me in the field but these are skills I can take with me everyday. I want to thank everyone at the camp and everyone that made this camp possible! Thankyou so much Professor Collins for believing in me and not settling for anything less than my best I hope I’ll get to see you again! Once again Thankyou this experience and for everyone I have met truly and unforgettable experience. #standby 🙂

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