Assignment 2 – Welch

I spent a long time thinking about what exactly I was going to do for this assignment; I initially wanted to do some sort of focus in a grocery store, but walking around with a camera and a tripod isn’t exactly the type of customer grocery stores are looking for. I ended up recording the process of putting on a record, featuring the song “Bring It On Home” off of Led Zeppelin’s album, “Led Zeppelin II.” I spend so much time listening to my records on a daily basis, so I decided to go with something that had a bit more self-expression to it, which ended up being really fun to make, too.


I have over 200 records in my collection.

As far as the recording process goes, this was one of the first times I’ve ever worked with a hand-held recorder and I’m extremely glad my first time using it was not time-sensitive; it definitely took a few takes before I figured out what I was doing. A few weird things happened in Premiere during the editing process so I just ended up completely starting over in terms of editing, but I realized that if you have the time and find yourself getting frustrated, some times the best thing to do is to just start over and get a fresh start. Overall, I’m happy with my finished assignment and find it pretty cool how different a video becomes once you take away the sound.

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