No Place Like Home – Bid Day

img_3458It’s one of the craziest days on campus: Sorority Bid Day. When you get to run home to the house you wanted and start lifelong memories with new friends. As a freshman, it can be scary and awkward. But for the rest of us, it’s one of the happiest days of the year.

For Assignment 3 (video essay) in Professor Collin’s class, I wanted to capture the fun of Bid Day in my sorority, Alpha Phi. After having my life taken over by recruitment for the past couple of weeks, Bid Day is an amazing day where all the hard work pays off. I loved capturing how colorful and energetic this day was in my video, which you can watch here.

In trying to capture all the chaos that was happening at the house, some of my footage is a little shaky because I was carrying my camera. In the future, I learned some shots would do better with a tripod to avoid this.

In the video I include footage of my house, the decorations, and my friends all waiting for our freshmen to run home. I edited it with the song Take Me Home by Cash Cash. It’s an awesome upbeat song that enhances the excitement of coming “home” on Bid Day.

Overall I found this project to be a fun way to experience this day. I loved making such a light-hearted piece that I can share not only with this class, but my friends in Alpha Phi Sorority.


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  1. Crittenden, Naya Anisse


    I thought your video was great! I really liked the colors and the way you captured your sororities’ bid day festivities. I do agree with you that while I only noticed one shot that was somewhat shaky, you learned from your project that using a tri pod would be great at some of those points. Overall I thought you did a great job with the editing and cut shots and I enjoyed the song choice as well!

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