Assign3Stephens “Traffic and Nature”

For our third assignment, we are making a video about something with a start, middle and end. We are still free to be creative with our work, and experiment with our cameras. I named my video “Traffic and Nature.” In my attempt to be artsy, I filmed some scenes of traffic, panned up to the sky and then contrasted the traffic with some scenes in nature. One problem I’m experiencing is having the camera shake when I’m panning in any direction. This is especially problematic when you’re filming something in motion that can’t be recreated. I can’t think of a remedy other than getting more experience at having a steady hand.

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  1. Goethals, Andrea L

    Hey Peter, great job! I like the idea of how traffic and nature interact, very cool. I see what you mean about the camera shaking a little bit, in all honesty I’m not a camera wiz either, but I thought you did a good job with what you had/trying to make it as steady as possible! I especially like the opening shot where the light is changing and then the bus pulls up, and also the shot of the clouds!

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