Assignment 3 goethals UIUC Walks of Life

For this week’s project, I made my video essay a series of videos of different aspects of a typical on campus, filming people only from about the ankle down. I got this idea because the wide variety of different styles and personal expression on this campus has also been very interesting to me, especially the wide variety of shoe style. I was a little worried that my idea wouldn’t translate as well as I saw in my head into to video, but after spending some time filming from the sidewalk view, I’d say it turned out well and I am very pleased with me work.


This is the angle I used throughout my video to capture campus life in a different way.

I definitely felt more comfortable and confident when using adobe premier. I was excited about the project because I was excited about my idea, but I did not realize how time consuming/difficult collecting video is! Since recording every day life relies on things beyond my control, I spent a lot of time filming before I found the perfect shots that I wanted to use for my video essay. I had to get a lot of imperfect shots for every shot that I liked. I was also initially concerned about the project, as a video essay is a little bit of an abstract concept for me and I was having a hard time figuring out how to create a beginning, middle and end in about one minute of video.

My video can be found here.

1 thought on “Assignment 3 goethals UIUC Walks of Life

  1. Stephens, Peter Andre

    I thought it was a really interesting decision to record only the feet as students walked on campus. I liked when the bike tire went over the leaf, and I like how you got your recordings over the course of the day. We got to see you putting your shoes on in the morning, we saw walking in the middle of the day, and we saw walking at the end of the day.

    My critique is that the focus of the video isn’t really clear. Is it about the variety of shoe styles? Is it about the destinations that the students are going to? If it’s the former, maybe it would have been good to see a bunch of pictures of shoes at the beginning or end of the video. If it’s the latter, maybe we could have heard a bell ringing for the start of class. Also, I think it would have been good if we got to see different sides of the same locations; or if the camera zoomed in or out. I think some camera movement would have been nice.

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