Assign 3 Boyd – “What’s up with Wassaja?”

Wassaja Hall is located on the corner of First and Gregory.

Wassaja Hall is located on the corner of First and Gregory.

When Professor Collins assigned our JOUR 215 class to create a video essay, I was a little nervous because in my opinion, video is a lot more difficult than stills. It’s easy to just get a bunch of pictures that go together and put them in order, but with my video essay, I really wanted to tell a story.¬†

My original idea was to make a basketball video with a few of my friends, but I decided against it because i didn’t want the ball or people at the gym to knock my camera over.¬†That’s when I thought about doing a video tour of Wassaja. I had never been there before, and as a resident advisor, I knew one of my former residents (Brad D’Costa) moved there for this academic school year. I asked him to help me out, and he really made this project what it is.

Overall, shooting assignment three was a lot of fun, and I must admit that Wassaja Hall is beautiful. The students who get to live there are definitely staying in the nicest residence hall on campus. I might even have to apply to become a resident advisor there for next school year.


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  1. Most, William Duffy

    Great video James! Love the title, I’ve been asking myself the same question lately. I think your editing is very good and your interviewing ability and charm stick out in the video. While you may not have gotten as artsy and artistically focused as some other projects, your ability to tell a story is evident. I’m looking forward to seeing what your vision for a story translates to on bigger and more ambitious project. Wassaja looks very interesting and I think you did a good job of playing the role of both journalist, photographer and friend. I think many struggled with this on this project, but you excelled. Keep taking risks and be ambitious and I honestly think you will excel as this class progresses based on the advanced level of this project.

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