Hands of an Artist

This project was super fun! I had a ton of ideas that I wanted to do, but I ended up going with the story of my friend Maddie and her life as an artist who has unique struggles. Not only do I feel like I challenged myself creatively, I also feel like this project allowed me to learn more about my friend, as well.

This is Maddie putting in lightbulbs at her job at Cream & Flutter.

This is Maddie putting in lightbulbs at her job at Cream & Flutter.

The process of video is beginning to make me look at things differently through the lens. Photography allows you to see the beauty in still life, but video really allows the beauty of movement to come through. As I was filming my friend in her own settings, I realized how beautiful humans are in their movements and it really made for a great final project.

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  1. Okonkwo, Anatta-Muoneke Nkemjika

    I thought it was really good. i thought that speaking about her rheumtoid arthritis added a lot of flair to the feature. When she speaks about her hand pain please lower the background music so that the tone shift can be felt by the audience.

    You could even change the background music for this portion. I loved the focus on the hands in particular. Use lower thirds to introduce the main character or even start off with her hands being the first shot and her hands being the last shot to focus in on the theme.

    Great work!

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