“A Day in the Life of Grace”

Rev. K. Edward Copeland in Pastor Davis' office after the three night revival at Grace Fellowship Church.
Rev. K. Edward Copeland in Pastor Davis’ office after the three night revival at Grace Fellowship Church.

Assignment 3 was great! I had the opportunity to show off my church’s revival. This time it was kind of challenging because I wanted to do more, but the time constraint for 1:15-1:30 kind of limited me. Also, I play a main role in my church, so it was a lot of back and forth between the drums and my camera. I tried several things, but I see I need to study Adobe outside of class. I chose this because the message was The Power of God. I think the world needed to hear this message or at least see scenes of it. This is how a standard church service looks like.

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  1. Matthew,

    Thank you for bringing us inside a place that may not be seen or understood by the general public. I think the visuals helped explain some of the language that’s specific to this environment and people. I am sorry I did not get to see you present the project in class.

    You did a good job within the time constraint of telling a story or taking us through a process. The lower thirds were used in a great way, though I wasn’t sure why some of them were italicized and others not. The sound was consistent, and the transitions were appropriate. You gave us the perspective of a congregation member, but I wanted to see more of a variety of shots like different parts of the room and a range of wide-medium-tight.

    -Kelsey Pugh

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