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There were signs in my peers that career fair season is upon us. I watched my roommates prepare their speeches and documents, people bike riding in suits, and more students scurrying under umbrellas to keep their hair dry. Career fairs can conjure up feelings of anxiety, competitiveness, confidence, and more for attendees. For this assignment I filmed at the Business Career Fair, and interviewed some students after their visits.

I went into this story with some expectations as a student in the same place as the people attending the career fair. As a journalist, I felt I should use that understanding but keep my opinions or feelings neutral. When editing the clips of the interviews, I could see how my decisions could change the message of the piece. I still feel that I could make a statement with the project. With a time limit of 1:15, I felt I should edit so that one theme or storyline came through and the audience would be left with a focused message. It is an exercise in itself to tell a story in one minute. The technical skills practice was just an extra part of the assignment.

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1 thought on “Career Fair Video Essay

  1. Eaglin Daniels, Matthew Ezra

    Hi Kelsey,

    The video was good. I liked your diverse responses you gathered and your different shots of showing the formalities of the career fair. Personally, I’ve never been to one, but that opened my eyes. However, I would’ve done a couple of things differently. When it comes to interviewing, one needs to use different angles per interview and a small mic to achieve great sound quality during interviews. Some of the lighting that was available did not benefit the shot. A light kit definitely could’ve helped. Also, I would try to make sure everything is in clear focus, not just soft focus. The idea was wonderful! I enjoyed watching it. We could take some shots together sometime if you want. I know mine wasn’t the best this time, but it’s better to grow with someone than alone. 🙂

    Thank you,

    Matthew Eaglin

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