Pygmalion: C-U Made Fest

Icon for the Pygmalion component, Made Fest.

Icon for the Pygmalion component, Made Fest.

Over the weekend, I attended Pygmalion Music Festival, which was also running it’s craft fair extension called the Made Fest.

I decided to interview some students who had attended the fair, as well as a local artist who was selling his artwork.

This project definitely had me a little flustered because I am completely inexperienced with audio, or really any type of broadcast, but it was definitely fun to get out of my comfort zone and talk to random people!

Overall, I think my finished product is okay and I extremely grateful I didn’t wait until the absolute last minute to finish this project. When I went back to listen to my first round of interviews from people at the Made Fest, everything they had said was muffled out by the bands that were playing at the same time.

I then went back to the Made Fest and interviewed an artist and some attendees during a quiet break between performers.

Like Mrs. Collins always says, if something can go wrong, it will, and I’m super happy I had extra time to do this.

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