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Black voice and expression has been the absolute pulse of American culture. Crooners and MCs receive much of the glory but it’s often the producers that shape their sound, feel, and identity.

Swizz Beatz, Timerland, Scott Storch, and Bangladesh are some of the household names that come to mind, but there are quite a few producers that operate with the local grassroots movement. The Independent Media Center event blended socializing with talent exposure and offered  a layback environment for inspiration.

A group of young Black producers have emerged on the scene to debut their newest sounds.






1 thought on “Black Producers–Audio

  1. Welch, Frances K


    I really enjoyed listening to your audio and loved the concept behind it. However, I do have a few critiques.

    I find the nat sound behind your script to be a little distracting and I’m not entirely sure what it is; I think lowering the sound and adding a clip that can be clearly heard will be helpful. Some of your source audio clips are either too soft or too loud, make sure to use a microphone on the person or the mit over the recorder so it doesn’t overwhelm the speakers. Also, when adding source audio clips, letting it fade in and out will make a difference in the smoothness of the overall audio clip.

    Aside from the that, I really enjoyed your piece and you have a fantastic voice! Super relaxing 🙂

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