The French Corner – Assignment 4 Goethals

For this project, I was initially stressed out about finding sources and putting together a complete package. After I did my first interview, I went to the actual even, Pause Café, and accidentally recorded over everything I had just done. The source from the first interview was not available to talk to me again before my deadline, so I had to think on my feet and find a different source. Needless to say, after that I was much more careful with my recorder.

I was excited about the natural sound I got, because I really liked the cafe ambiance noise with french being spoken in the background. To get this, I just turned on my recorder and set it on the table while talking with a couple french girls at the meeting. I was also kind of surprised and impressed by some of the answers I receive

d in my  interviews. Obviously, only very few made it in to the story due to time constraints but I enjoyed the process nonetheless.

My project can be found here.

Photo from Espresso Royale official website.

Photo from Espresso Royale official website.

1 thought on “The French Corner – Assignment 4 Goethals

  1. Stephens, Peter Andre

    Good job finding another source by deadline, and I liked how you brought awareness to that community of French speakers. I have two main critiques though. First, the audio was a bit choppy. I’m not sure if it was the natural sound or what the problem was, but it was kind of hard to hear the dialogue on the youtube video. Second, as we talked about on Friday with the guest speaker, you should try to lead with the most interesting part of the story. In my opinion, too much time was spent teasing out the idea. We should have been told about the community of learners sooner, and why we should be interested. I like how you had people speaking French, but I think we should have been told more about what they were saying.

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