Social Injustice Crittenden Assn4


With the Fall sports seasons in full swing here at the University of Illinois, you may think most athletes aren’t focused on what is happening outside of school and competition.

But for one soccer freshman, that is not the case. Lauren Smitherman is very invested in issues going on outside of herself, specifically dealing with social injustices that are running rampant in our country right now. She is a woman of color and she worries sometimes for not only her own safety, but her family’s too.

Lauren wants her voice to be heard. To learn more about her experiences and thoughts, check out my audio package here.

1 thought on “Social Injustice Crittenden Assn4

  1. Leahy, Mary Kathryn

    Naya this is great! I really love the subject and Lauren’s story is very interesting and relevant. Your sound quality/volume was consistent and clear throughout. Lauren’s soundbites were really well chosen and added a great element to the story, especially when she mentioned her brother. I would’ve loved to hear from her soccer coach talking about her on the team or maybe a teammate, but overall I thought you did a great job with this story.

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