You are Not Alone: Rally Against Rape Culture


Photo courtesy of The Daily Illini.

Illinois students are stepping up to send a powerful message.

The Rally Against Rape Culture was held Friday on the Main Quad where speakers talked about ways to end rape culture and sexual assault on college campuses. They also spoke about supporting survivors and how to report a sexual assault.

You can listen to my audio package here.  Each speaker touched on a range of subjects from victim blaming, reporting a crime, and changing our campus culture to encourage discussion about these difficult subjects.

To report a sexual assault:

The Office for Student Conflict Resolution: 610 E. John Street, Champaign. Call: 217-333-3680
University of Illinois Police : 9-11 or 217-333-1216

For other services and support:
Women’s Resources Center: 703 S. Wright Street, 2nd floor, Champaign. Call: 217-333-3137

This project was really eye opening for me about sexual assault on this campus. The speakers’ stories put me in their shoes and helped me to be more aware of sexual assault survivors. As a college female, I have been in similar situations and this audio package is very important to me. I look forward to do more projects like this that bring awareness to a serious subject.

1 thought on “You are Not Alone: Rally Against Rape Culture

  1. Crittenden, Naya Anisse

    Molly, your audio package is very interesting! I think the topic you chose really speaks to people and the audio you were able to get of the rally really makes me, as the listener, feel like I am there. I thought the clips you chose were relevant and explained the story. I would say the only thing you could have modified was the volume level on the first soundbite of the rally because it was louder than the rest of the soundbites but other than that it was great!

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