“Homecoming Dress Drive” Assign 4- Smith


My Sister’s Keeper flyer to advertise their first annual Homecoming Dress Drive (via member’s Tierra B Instagram page). .

Homecoming is right around the corner so I’ve decided to do my audio piece on a student led homecoming dress drive! 😀 The organization, My Sister’s Keeper, from University of Illinois Urbana- Champaign’s campus is the brains behind it. They’ve decided to put on the drive to help girls that are from lower income background and who could not afford to look pretty on their special day otherwise. I thought this was such a great idea!

Throughout the time of trying to capture audio for this assignment, I did run into some trouble. I originally have another story idea that I wanted to cover. I had went to the President’s Circle event last Thursday and got some great soundbites from there; I even had some great actualities form interviews. The problem was I had two interviews and needed my last one from the guy who created the event. Let’s just say the interview fell through so I had to resort to plan B (I now see the importance of having a plan B, C,D and E as Prof. Collins always says). I attended the homecoming dress drive on Sunday and still ran into some problems! My lavaliere mic would not work, so I had to redo the interview I had just recorded. Then, the interviewees voices were inconsistent (one minute quiet, then really loud), so I had to walk them through the proper steps so that they would know how to pace their voices to reduce the noise spike.

Despite the issues I ran into, I would like to think I did a pretty good job. Check it out here

1 thought on ““Homecoming Dress Drive” Assign 4- Smith

  1. Hilton, Jade Victoria

    Hi Anaja,
    I really enjoyed listening to your audio package. You covered a really cool topic. I’ve never heard of “My Sister’s Keeper,” but it is definitely a great concept and I’m glad you covered it. Your sound levels were pretty good throughout the package, so nice job! One thing that would have been cool is if you played some natural sound while you were speaking. Otherwise you did a great job!

    – Jade

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