Rally Against Rape Culture: students demand more from administration

14370346_1098270443594006_6135534353249741138_nOn Friday September 23, 2016, a Rally Against Rape Culture took place behind the Illini Union. It was organized by members of an RSO called Students Against Sexual Assault and sponsored by other social justice groups on campus. Those who spoke and those who watched agree that it was an empowering and emotional event.

Many issues surrounding sexual misconduct on campus were discussed including gender, race, greek life, alcohol, and administrative action. The latter caused tension as Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Renee Romano attended and spoke at the rally. The administration was called out specifically for not including demographic information in the results of the Sexual Misconduct and Perceived Response Survey that were delivered to students in a massmail earlier in the week.

Take a listen to my audio story for more details.


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  1. Eaglin Daniels, Matthew Ezra

    This is a very good story. It was good to the ear. You presented a great narrative. You did have an abrupt pause in there. I would’ve recorded again, but everything sounded good. Those were excellent sound bites. That was clear audio too! Where did you record?

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