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I did my assignment on the new art exhibit held in the U of I’s Spurlock Museum. I must admit, this assignment was very stressful, but I am proud of the end result. If I have not been to the exhibit to do this assignment, I would have never been there to see the art exhibit . I’ve definitely learned so much about the Irish culture during my time there. 

Throughout my assignment, I ran into so many issues! Firstly, I had plans to cover a story on domestic violence. The event specifically was the Students Against Sexual Assault’s annual “It Happens Here”. Literally an hour before going out to shoot the story, I received an email from the president of the organization. She told me that cameras were no longer allowed in the room due to the sensitivity of the event. Thinking positively and determined to persevere, I decided to film on flu shots since 1) it’s flu season and 2) because Mckinley Health Center was giving out flu shots to faculty and students for free.  This was another story that fell through because I would have needed permission from the Director. Lastly, I decided to do my assignment 5 on the Medieval Irish exhibit. I have to admit this assignment took a lot out of me. I was so discouraged because every story was falling through and I had a deadline to meet. I researched all topics in advance and was very eager to get my story done early. When the stories weren’t able to happen, I tried to be optimistic but honestly I was in my feelings (lol). I did everything possible I could do: I talked to the professionals I needed to to get permission from, I made an outline of the questions I wanted to ask in advance, I showed up at the Union to get the story, I was about to go to the IKE to get the story on “It Happens Here”, and neither worked out. Although things didn’t go my way this week, I learned a lot. I learned to not get defeated and keep going. I learned that I need to be able to find a story out of no story. I need to be able to think on the spot and make logical decisions, and for that–I am grateful. I learned fundamental things that I can and will take with me throughout the rest of the semester in this class and also my career as a journalist.


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  1. Smith, Anaja I Post author

    After watching a playback of my video, I definitely do see where I went wrong. I had too many transitions such as zoom ins and outs, tilts, etc that quite frankly causes motion sickness. Also, professor wasn’t looking for that so I take ownership and will pay more attention to what she is asking for. Outside of that, I think I did pretty good on assignment 5 considering the circumstances

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