College Campaign

On the university of Illinois campus, sometimes politics can become an afterthought. In the craziness of academics, nightlife and everything in-between, politics gets lost in the mix. However, when an important political election rolls around, students fine themselves in the middle of a fierce fight between both candidates for the youth vote. Students on the campus attempt to sway their peers as well, whether it be through passioned debate or organized demonstration.

Neither party is having much success. Student groups like College Democrats and Illini for Hillary are backing their candidate strongly, but many liberal students aren’t as passionate about their candidate as the establishment. Many of these students supported the democratic socialist candidate, Bernie Sanders, and have lost the motivation to vote like they had in the primaries.
Republicans, already a minority on a young liberal campus, are having trouble coordinating their efforts. The college republicans declined to make a comment, and many conservatives across campus are split between Trump and the establishment. With the election about a month away, there’s very little time left, but students, and youth in general  could play a big role in who the next president of the United States.

This election has been a very interesting one to follow. A career businessman, Donald Trump, has gained a passionate following for some controversial opinions. Some have gone as far as to paint him as someone like Hitler. His opponent on the other hand, is no saint.  Hillary Clinton has been attached to a controversial and dangerous use of her email, which put lives in danger. As a whole not many have been incredibly enthusiastic about this years candidates like in years past. It appears the same extends to the University of Illinois Campus, where many seem to be undecided, or at the very least, uninterested.

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