Medieval Irish Exhibit: Smith self reflection

My assignment 5 was about the Medieval Irish Exhibit held at the Spurlock Museum on campus. After watching a playback of my video, I definitely do see where I went wrong. For one, I had entirely too many transitions such as zoom ins and outs, tilts, etc. that quite frankly causes motion sickness. Also, professor wasn’t looking for that so I take ownership and will pay more attention to what she is asking for. Outside of that, I think I did pretty good on assignment 5 considering the circumstances mentioned in my original post.

Ultimately, getting through assignment 5 was the best feeling. I am glad that it is over, but I also got a taste of journalism in the real world. Stories will fall through, but as Professor mentioned, I “can’t come back empty handed.” With that being said, I am grateful I had this experience now before I’m in California trying to get the latest story on seasons fashions and can’t get in contact with designers, for example. I now know to compensate that with man on the street interviews instead.

Shout out to Dr. Collins for all of the wonderful advice during the tough times of completing this assignment. I learned to think quick on my feet and also how to take advantage of the resources available to me. Assignment 6 should be great!

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