How to Use a Fitbit

I am very excited to present this project. It only took 6 projects, but I finally got it! I feel  most confident submitting Assignment 6 because I was able to take into account my past errors and correct them. First, I used my tripod to ensure my images were still. I then made sure I was at eye level with my subject. I also made sure to include more interesting settings for my video.

I am most proud of my sequences. I was able to shoot from different angles to capture the subject’s walk from inside the building to outside. I also used a sequence on a running shot to capture the distance I was filming.


Lisa uses a fitbit to track her steps

Overall, I am excited to have “mastered” or at least gained comfort with the equipment and editing program.

1 thought on “How to Use a Fitbit

  1. Olin, Sera L

    Hello Elyssa,
    I love this story idea! It is very timely since everyone has a FitBit these days. Also very cute steps! My favorite was the opening shot of your friend waking up with the nat sound of the alarm waking her up. I thought that was a creative use of the steps.
    My only critique is that I think you could have used more variety of shots. I know you mentioned in your story that you are comfortable taking shots from different angles, so I think a little more could have been used. I thought the one shot of her exiting the house was a little long, you probably could have taken multiple short shots of her leaving from a tight, medium, and wide perspective divided up in five second increments. Professor Collins told me that the audience gets the idea of what is being demonstrated after about 5-6 seconds, so just keep that in mind!
    Otherwise, great job! Looking forward to the group project next week!

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