How to Tie Your Shoes – It’s a Cinch!

Photo curtesy of Amazon.comThis week I enjoyed working on the How-to video more than I thought I would. I thought it was a good mix of all the different skills we’ve learned so far, and I was surprised how much I knew! I thought it was a little difficult to incorporate all the different angles/shots, but that might have been due to the subject matter that I chose. I also had much shorter video footage than I had anticipated by the time I got to the media lab and actually starting putting it all together. I got caught up in doing the project correctly and focusing on the different shots and the total running time fell by the wayside a little bit, I think.

1 thought on “How to Tie Your Shoes – It’s a Cinch!

  1. Stephens, Peter Andre

    It was a cute, simple how-to that was edited well and the sound was clear. There was also a nice variety of shots. And the sequencing was spot on–having a clear beginning, middle, and end. However, the video was too short, and it seems like there were a number of ways you could have made it longer. For one, you probably should have spoken slower, with more pauses, and had the model perform the steps slower. Anyone who needs this video would want to see the tying of the laces slower. You could have also included a wide shot as the model left. You also could have shown how to lace up the shoe as if the laces were new and had to be put through all of the rings–that’s something I might actually find helpful. You could have employed any of those 3 things to get the video to the 1:15 minimum length for the video. Also, the title slide has a typo with “its” instead of “it’s.” You got it right on your post though. Despite the brevity of the video, I still think you did a good jog–especially with the editing, it was seemless.

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