How To: Glitter Cut Crease

Glitter eyeshadow palette by Wet N Wild and loose glitter pigment (in silver) owned by Anaja Smith

Glitter eyeshadow palette by Wet N Wild and loose glitter pigment (in silver) owned by Anaja Smith


For assignment 6 (our how-to piece), I decided to do mine on makeup! Specifically a glitter cut crease. For those that are unaware of the trend, there are many articles out there, such as this one, that thoroughly explains what is it and how to achieve it. This was really fun to edit because I love watching tutorials, so I knew exactly what to look for when it came to the outline of mine. I show you step by step and also tell you what products are recommended to create this look.

Although this assignment was really fun to edit, filming was kind of hard. I had to do a lot of manipulating the camera such as propping it just right to get specific angles. In the past, Professor Collins would say I need to include more variations of Wide-Medium-Tight shots, so I listened. For this assignment I got extreme close ups of my eyes, I captured medium shots of my hands grabbing the makeup, and even wide shots so that viewers can see what I’m doing and how the finished product came out. Overall, to film it took me about an hour and a half because I made sure to watch all of my playbacks before preceding. I didn’t want to trust that the camera captured what I would like for it to. I took matters into my own hands this time and I really saw the benefit of doing that based on the outcome. My package is something that I would even like to put on my own Youtube channel because it directly deals with fashion and beauty–which just so happen to be what I would like to go into after graduating from U of I.

Doing an assignment on something that I have a genuine passion in also was a huge benefit for me because it helped me to remain passionate throughout the whole process. Usually, if covering hard stories or topics that are not related to fashion, I tend to not have a passion for it and I feel like it shows in the results. Now, realizing that, I know it’s something I have to work on to ensure all my stories and assignments come out good regardless if the topic is of an interest to me.

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  1. Hilton, Jade Victoria

    Hi Anaja,

    I really enjoyed your video. You used a variety of shots and angles which made your video really interesting. It is clear you are really passionate about fashion and makeup… your work is beautiful! I like how you used pictures, video, music, and subtitles. You definitely got your message across and taught me a lot about make up. Watch out for some shaky shots and don’t forget to leave the YouTube link in your write up. Overall, great job!

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