“How To Get Buckets”

"James Boyd drives to the basket for the Romeoville Spartans."

“James Boyd drives to the basket for the Romeoville Spartans.”

In our last assignment before our group final project, Professor Collins had us make a “How To” video. I decided to make my how to video about basketball because it is my favorite sport. In “How To Get Buckets,” I break down the four essential steps of how to shoot a basketball.

The first step is balance, the second is elbow, the third is eyes and the fourth is follow through. Of course there are many other things that you have to add to your game in order to become a well rounded basketball player, but the main point of basketball is to score. The team that wins is the one who puts the ball in the hoop the most.

All of these things were taught to me by my eighth grade basketball coach Mr. Stark. I was so small back then that I would almost throw the ball at the rim every time I tried to score, but after being coached by him I became one of the best young players in my neighborhood.

In eighth grade my team at A. Vito Martinez Middle School went 22-6, a school record, before losing to Jane Adams in the playoffs. If we would have won, we would’ve gone down state. The loss will always stick with me, but the memories I most cherish are the times I spent with Mr. Stark honing my game.

Even when I graduated middle school I still came back around to work on my game with him. I used to tell him that I was going to to the NBA and that “Ball is Life.” A lot of things have changed since then. I won’t play in the NBA, but with my journalism skills I still think I can make it to the league. I’m just taking a different rout.

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  1. Most, William Duffy

    You seem like a good authority on buckets. In all seriousness, your editing is super professional. Your ability to make a quick and intricate activity look simple through Adobe premiere is really awesome. I like your music choice, especially excellent the rapper is actually a professional basketball player renown for his shooting. You took something that is obviously very important to you, and it’s obvious looking at the work that you put into it and the final product. I hope you have another opportunity to make a video like this because I throughly enjoyed this one. If I had one critique, it would that I would like to see a larger variety of shots, but even then I think you did a fantastic job trying to capture the process from all angles. Great work.

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