Mac N’ Grilled Cheese

Assignment six has been my favorite to do so far. I love comedy and perform improv comedy in my spare time, so I enjoy an occasional moment to let loos and use some of the skills that I’ve learned in journalism towards making a joke.


A finished product of Mac n Grilled Cheese.

My inspiration for this piece was these “Tasty” videos that are often posted on Facebook. Each video will feature some obscene combo of food that no one in their right mind would eat. A couple days ago I saw a cake that had oreos, Reese’s cups, chocolate chip cookies and cookie dough in it. As appetizing as it looked, I had a feeling all the flavors would clash. While I didn’t want to blow a budget on a cake I wouldn’t eat, I wanted to challenge myself to make an affordable satire of this process, making a food that sounded and looked appetizing, but without any real substance to it.

Mac n Cheese grilled cheese is not worth the effort. The flavors of mac n cheese and grilled cheese are incredibly similar, and the final product tasted just like you think it would taste like.

I also wanted to include jokes about the dietary implications of eating such a dish, but bring it up in a joking and playful manner. I think I succeeded in this goal, and made a video I’m really proud of.

1 thought on “Mac N’ Grilled Cheese

  1. Boyd, James E

    I thought that this video was pretty solid and it has definitely made me hungry. One thing I’d like to point out is that you took the time to to make a mac and cheese grilled cheese, not just a regular grilled cheese. That is commendable and it definitely made your video more interesting.

    The audio in this video could have been better and smoother. At times you could tell that the audio was not on even volumes, but it was still clear enough to hear.

    My favorite part about this video was the humor you added into it. Yes, the video would have been fine without it, but you made it a lot more fun and engaging. Overall this was a good piece and I look forward to making my own grilled mac and cheese sandwich very soon.

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