How to Cook a Quick Omelette

There are few things I love more than food TV. I watch food videos when I am stressed or homesick, inspired or intrigued. Food has always been my passion, and college has only strengthened that. I have blogged about food for class and for fun.img_4164

This assignment, to make a how-to video 1:15-1:30 seconds long brought great opportunities and challenges. There are so many basics that I think college kids (and everyone) should know. I chose to make an omelette because the ingredients are common, and I know my peers don’t eat breakfast as well or often as they should. My schedule is just as tight and my kitchen just as small as the next student at the University of Illinois, so I hope this inspires someone. I was grateful for this opportunity to work with food, refine my video skills, and practice communicating processes clearly.


2 thoughts on “How to Cook a Quick Omelette

  1. Eaglin Daniels, Matthew Ezra

    Hey Kelsey,

    This was a great, well-voiced piece. The shots were good, but I would’ve done a couple of things differently. I would’ve given the colorful objects a tight shot, meaning zoom in on the cheese and other toppings. That really would’ve benefited the video. I also would’ve zoomed in and ended with a gift shot of the finish product. It was great though.

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