9 thoughts on “Class Reflection for Colorism

  1. Most, William Duffy

    This whole project was also very cool, and I am really impressed that while many might have simply decided to focus on the concept of racism, this team really understood colorism and covered it in an interesting capacity. I thought the How-To piece was done very well, as well as the photo essay and video piece. I’m sorry of sound like a broken record, but I really think each group put a lot of great work into each project.

  2. Goethals, Andrea L

    I thought the interview with the policeman in the How-to piece was a nice outside source and alternate perspective to round out the project. I thought the interview with the professor in the video package had some really interesting information, but I wish there had been more sound bites from the professor. Overall, I thought the website and the project looked great, it’s evident that you all put in a lot of work, awesome job!

  3. Maurer, Kaitlyn Samantha

    I wasn’t sure what colorism was before, but I think this group did a great job with defining and giving examples of it. The photo essay was really interesting and I liked that it put a face and story to the project to show real-life examples. The infographics for this project were atheistically pleasing and very effective. The video package really helped to tie up loose ends and clarify what colorism is. Great job group!

  4. Kaufman, Elyssa Shelby

    Colorism was a topic I was not as familiar with so this project, for me was very informative. I found a strength of your project to be the infographic. It was easy to read and helped to understand the topic. I also thought it was effective when you used the sociology professor in your video package. Her story was powerful and something I have never heard. Great job!

  5. Hilton, Jade Victoria

    I feel like I definitely learned a lot from this piece. I thought you put your own creative twist on all your elements. The first image on your homepage is really impactful and the article was definitely informative. I can tell you did your research. The interview with the white muslim student was a really interesting story. I like how you added sound bites in your photo essay, but I think you could have matched up the pictures better. Overall great job!

  6. Eaglin Daniels, Matthew Ezra

    This was an interesting piece the creativity and research and development definitely stood out to me. For you all to come through despite the difficulties you all had, the project, I feel was at its best. Great job pulling it altogether. I’m glad I could you all with the audio a little bit. Great working with you. Oh and he photo of the girls was an excellent addition. Say it see it.

  7. Leahy, Mary Kathryn

    This was super interesting to me and not something I’m very familiar with. The site is well done as well as many of the components. Sometimes I felt like the overall theme was lost on me, but I still really loved your interviews and the infographic. It put the entire idea of colorism into perspective for me and I could tell you worked hard on it. Awesome job!

  8. Olin, Sera L

    I never knew what colorism even was until this project, so now I am glad I know what it is. I think the idea of expectations based on the color of your skin brings so much light to how we as a society need to look past the surface of someone.

  9. Welch, Frances K

    I loved this project! I thought you guys did a great job and I loved the sources that you chose. I think it’s really important to expose that people of all racial backgrounds experience and practice all sorts of religions. Your video was probably my favorite part of the whole project

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