10 thoughts on “Class Reflection for “Not My University”

  1. Boyd, James E

    I loved this piece because as a minority I haven’t always felt like UIUC has had my best interests in mine. Sometimes my friends aren’t able to understand why I feel the way I do towards certain things, but this project shed light on a variety of everyday issues that I’ve personally had to face. The How-To piece was my favorite piece. It was simple but thorough, and the B-roll really added to the message that was being explained throughout the video.

    1. Most, William Duffy

      I thought this piece was very poignant and important. In a time more tumultuous than ever, we need to make sure that our citizens are aware of the power they have, as well as the power the media has in portraying protesters. I was really impressed by the video piece, as well as the coherence of the project. If I had one critique, it would be the title of the project. My the idea of “Not My University” puts the the idea of the key words of campus and protest in the head of the audience, I don’t think it’s in the right context. Universities aren’t like presidents, in the sense that you are always in control of what University you attend. If U of I was “Not someones University”, they would drop out and go somewhere else. I understand that black voices feel like there aren’t enough students of color on campus, but they are actively asking for more black students to be admitted on campus, making Illinois, “their university”. I want to make it abundantly clear that I don’t disagree with those protesting in your video, but instead feel like your title could just be a little clearer.

  2. Goethals, Andrea L

    The pictures from the protest were really well shot. There is one in the photo essay with a young man in the middle of the crowd in front of the Alma Mater with his fist in the air – that one is my favorite. I thought the infographic was really well done and loved that the group used it in relation to the how-to piece, very creative! Every aspect of the project felt professional and put together, you guys did great work as a team!

  3. Maurer, Kaitlyn Samantha

    This project was my favorite, as far as presentation. I thought the website was put together beautifully and really acted as a vehicle to deliver the information in the best way possible. The website felt professional in every aspect. The photo essay was my favorite part. The contrast between pictures from present day and pictures from the 1960s was powerful and the song choice was perfect. It seemed that this group worked together very well as a group and it paid off. Great job!

  4. Kaufman, Elyssa Shelby

    I thought the most powerful part of this project was the clips of student protests on the quad. Visualizing real and recent protests happening at the University was very powerful as well as relatable. I am not always aware of the protests and issues on campus so this shed a light on topics that students are speaking out on. I also worked with the topic of protests so it was great to see yours as well!

  5. Pugh, Kelsey Donovan

    I’m glad this project was really focused on black students at this university and not something more broad because it offers in-depth research and explanation. The site design is great. I know there was only a few weeks to gather footage, but it effectively recalled images and ideas I remember from earlier in the semester/year.

  6. Stephens, Peter Andre

    Nice project, my favorite part was the how-to video. Not only was it well done, I think it’s the most important thing to put forward. There’s been a lot of protesting going on recently with the election and BLM. And it’s so important to have peaceful protests. I think there’s a fine line in determining the extent to which people should protest. If protesters don’t cause enough commotion, they don’t get noticed. But if they cause too much, it can undermine the effort of the protest. They have to protest peacefully, but still be heard.

  7. Leahy, Mary Kathryn

    First off, awesome job. Visually it caught my attention to show how powerful protesting can be. It tied it all together to give a voice to black students and our current racial climate on campus as well as in the past. Your video essay with footage from the rally and interviews was extremely well done, my favorite part! It would’ve been cool to find the differing opinion (someone who doesn’t think the protest is needed, etc.) But I overall really loved this site, it presents the information in a great way so we can hear the voices of these students.

  8. Olin, Sera L

    Honestly, I really enjoyed the title, I thought that grabbed my attention right away. I think the B-Roll was very powerful and well edited- it really spoke to the message of the piece.

  9. Welch, Frances K

    This project was extremely powerful and really inspiring and eyeopening to show how many students on campus DO care and feel the need to get involved and the importance of that decision. Really great job on getting out there and being right in the center of where everything was going on. Get job!

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