8 thoughts on “Class Reflection for “Mental Health Matters”

  1. Boyd, James E

    I thought this piece was incredible. The distress gif you all used on the website really showed how much detail and effort was put into this project. My favorite part was the interview with Cate Lao. It was heartbreaking to here about her day-to-day struggles, but you all did a fantastic job of keeping her words raw and honest.

  2. Pugh, Kelsey Donovan

    Great use of a hashtag! You found fresh angles on the topic, which probably came from the personal honesty you all put in. The site design, graphics, and photography is awesome, but the font in all caps was kind of hard to read. Thank you for this!

  3. Kaufman, Elyssa Shelby

    I really liked how this project shed a light on a topic that is not always normally discussed. Specifically, I thought the clips chosen for your video package showcased your sources thoughts and feeling very effectively. I also was interested in the pictures used for your photo essay! Great job

  4. Hilton, Jade Victoria

    I thought this piece was really creatively done. The use of the GIF was a nice touch that complemented your topic of Mental Health. My favourite part was your video package. I could really feel the raw emotion of Ms. Lao as she told her story. I think you did a great job of capturing that. The website was professionally done and really showcased you work well. I also loved the collaboration of your group in the photo essay. Great job!

  5. Eaglin Daniels, Matthew Ezra

    This piece literally tore me to pieces. I have several family members who suffer from ahlzeimers. The .gif file was a great addition. I tried it and it works. Might have to use that the next time I’m prepping for a show lol. The photoessay definitely stood out to me. I enjoyed it all.

  6. Stephens, Peter Andre

    This was my favorite project, I think you guys did really well. The interview with Cate Lao was spot on, and I admire how you guys went and did a study on your own for data. There are so many factors to explore with getting an adequate sample size and response rate. I’m not sure whether 100 responses or so is enough to have an accurate view of the campus; and you also have to consider the type of people who are responding to the survey and whether that group could be different from the University as a whole. But I still do admire how you went the extra mile to get your own data.

  7. Leahy, Mary Kathryn

    I truly enjoyed this project. Mental health is so important and I love how you guys reflected the need to be “open” when talking about it in your website. The gif and the other components of the site itself were really well done. The video package was powerful, as was the photo essay. I wonder if you had more time you could have included even more voices on mental health. Awesome job!

  8. Olin, Sera L

    Overall, I thought this was a very unique perspective on mental illness. I think people need to see this perspective, and the way you presented this was excellent, great job!

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