9 thoughts on “Class Reflection on “Voices from the Field”

  1. Boyd, James E

    The first thing that caught my eye about this project was how aesthetically pleasing it was. The website is colorful and it looks very professional. My favorite part of the project is the How To piece. The close up of Elyssa typing out a tweet was a great B-roll idea.

  2. Most, William Duffy

    I thought this project was so fantastically done. In terms of difficulty, I thought this one presented the most challenges. Sometimes it’s hard to reach student athletes, and even harder to get them to talk about controversial subjects. While I don’t think there were really any incredible interviews or quotes, I feel like this project is so incredibly and intricately put together. Your effort really shines through in just about ever project and I think you did a wonderful job.

  3. Goethals, Andrea L

    loved this title! I thought the project was very put together and all the different pieces and sources contributed nicely to the overall theme. The photo essay was really sharp and thought the combination of perspectives from the players, coaches, and a law professor was a great mix of sources to give a completed look at the topic. Awesome job!

  4. Pugh, Kelsey Donovan

    The organization of the material and the headlines were very good. The info graphics are a little hard to read because of the size of the font and colors, but I learned a lot from this looking through this project.

  5. Maurer, Kaitlyn Samantha

    With the challenge that this project presented, I thought this group did a great job. The website presented a lot of information but was not overwhelming. The infographics are really well done but I wish they were bigger so they were easier to read. The angles in the video package could have been a little better, as I thought having the reporter’s head in a few of the shots was distracting. However, I thought the social media page was very smart and got across their point efficiently. It seemed like the group members worked well together and the success of their project showed that. Great job!

  6. Hilton, Jade Victoria

    I really enjoyed this project. When you have a controversial topic, sometimes it’s hard to find interviews. You did a great job of getting interviews and finding good sound bites. Your website was aesthetically pleasing and you used a lot of great pictures. I thought the graphics went well with your article… I can tell you did your research. One thing you could have worked on was the filming of your interviews. I saw Sarah and her recorder in a few of the shots. Overall great job!

  7. Eaglin Daniels, Matthew Ezra

    I definitely learned some new things about athletes making a difference instead of what I thought. I figured they just stay in their own little bubble and only contribute to society when they are called out or something. I don’t really pay attention to the sports industry so… I think it was really cool for you all to conduct your own survey. One of the things I noticed during the videos was the shots were held too long. I just kept waiting like are we going to change or not?

  8. Stephens, Peter Andre

    Good job on your project, it was interesting learning about other athlete protests in history. I was only familiar with the recent athlete protest that Kaepernick made. I thought about whether athletes should have to think of themselves as role models or if that’s not their responsibility. One thing I noticed reading through it though as it that there’s a typo on the 2016 protest with Kaepernick–it says “filed” instead of “field.”

  9. Welch, Frances K

    I thought this was a really well done project! Like Professor Collins said, your message didn’t get lost at all throughout the several components of the project. You all created really interesting perspectives throughout the entirety of the work and I loved to see how it was all incorporated. Good job!

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