“Psychological Effects of Racism” Reflection – Boyd

Eldar Uzicanin was included in "Don't Judge a Book By Its Color."

Eldar Uzicanin was included in “Don’t Judge A Book By Its Color.”

The final project for JOUR 215 was, in my opinion, the toughest assignment in the class by far. It truly was a project that needed to be done as a group and I feel like my group definitely struggled to collaborate as a unit. We worked down to the wire and ended up getting the final project done, but overall it is not something I was very proud of.

My group’s topic was the psychological effects of racism and a good portion of our final project it was dedicated to colorism. I specifically worked on the Photo Essay called “Don’t Judge a Book By Its Color” and  the How To video called “How To Heal.” I don’t think either tied very well into colorism, but I feel like I was able to still put out two solid pieces of work. I am most proud of the How To video because it wasn’t traditional. I really tried to think outside of the box and give people a new perspective on the things that have been going on in our country.

All in all, I am proud that my group was able to get our final project done, but just not how it was done. We should have gotten started earlier and really communicated about who would handle which parts, but I think all of that stuff is water under the bridge now. If I could go back do it over, I probably would. But in spite of that, I do believe this was a necessary experience for me to grow as a journalist. My mom always tells me that adversity builds character. So when the opportunity to do something like this rolls around again, I will be much more prepared for it.

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