Class Reflections

Voices From The Field – I really enjoyed this project. When you have a controversial topic, sometimes it’s hard to find interviews. You did a great job of getting interviews and finding good sound bites. Your website was aesthetically pleasing and you used a lot of great pictures. I thought the graphics went well with your article… I can tell you did your research. One thing you could have worked on was the filming of your interviews. I saw Sarah and her recorder in a few of the shots. Overall great job!

Mental Health – I thought this piece was really creatively done. The use of the GIF was a nice touch that complemented your topic of Mental Health. My favourite part was your video package. I could really feel the raw emotion of Ms. Lao as she told her story. I think you did a great job of capturing that. The website was professionally done and really showcased you work well. I also loved the collaboration of your group in the photo essay. Great job!

Colorism – I feel like I definitely learned a lot from this piece. I thought you put your own creative twist on all your elements. The first image on your homepage is really impactful and the article was definitely informative. I can tell you did your research. The interview with the white muslim student was a really interesting story. I like how you added sound bites in your photo essay, but I think you could have matched up the pictures better. Overall great job!

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