“Not My University” – Hilton Final Reflection

The Final Project for J215 was clearly the toughest one. It was a true test of applying everything we learned this semester while trying to collaborate with our classmates. Finding a way to communicate with each other while completing our assigned roles was definitely a challenge. We worked down to last minute to get this piece finished, but it was all worth it in the end.

My main focus was on the News Package, How-To Package and putting together the website. At first I wasn’t sure what I would focus my news package on because all the protests I tried to attend never turned out that well. Luckily, by the last week there was a “Freedom Forum” which was an open conversation between the university administration and the black community. I was able to get some good b-roll and sound bites. Originally I had three interviews, but I ended up only using two of them because the quotes fit better with my story with just two of my interviewees. I realize now I should have used all of my interviews. I also had a lot of fun putting together the how-to package. I put together a bunch of my video footage around Anatta’s script and narration, and I thought the end result was great!

I am really proud of how my group came together at the end. At the beginning I wasn’t truly confident with what our end result would look like, but everyone came through with their parts and I think we are all happy with the result! I definitely learned a lot from this project!

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