Profound Reflections of a Nigerian Sojourner

This has been such a fast-paced and interesting journey to say the least. The progression and level of comfort that I feel is really amazing. I can barely even remember the first concept type of assignments such as the one where I was instructed just to go home and play with the camera.

It was also nice to incorporate some of my personal interests into the early projects such as the one where i got to film my Buddhist temple. One with sound and one without sound. The hair washing video was probably the most difficult concept videos because I had no assistance. I’ve really grown to appreciate film and art PERIOD because it allows me to educate the masses and be vulnerable without literally letting them into my personal space…SHOWING my sacred space without SURRENDERING my sacred place is really vital to my holistic health.

I’m learning how important it is to serve from a place of maintaining personal boundaries. Having Sandra Bland’s sister come in further enforced just what media can do. I rece36696_10150209276925492_536685491_13713030_2556615_n1ntly watched 13th the documentary and it solidified my desire to go to law school and taking this class gives me the skill set and also the ability to present media or the same story from a different medium.


This course also gave me an excuse to be intrusive (journalism-period does this) in areas that are out of my turf. For example, I absolutely adore music but I have no musical talent so being able to do a mini-documentary about local Black producers  was a real treat and it also allowed me to network with other like-minded people. I originally did the project wrong, it was supposed to be an audio piece. It really shows that I need some serious help with improving my audio mixing.

Maybe the most impactful project has got to have been the DNA documentary in which I had the blessing of taking the test and finding out what I am on my mother’s side of the family. It has also gotten me in touch with a cousin who I am yet to meet! The networking that has come out of this class is amazing. Kismet in motion for sure.

Concluding with the “How to” asana video showcased my budding interest in making physical yoga practice apart of my life as it merges the body, mind, and soul. Or so one would HOPE. Hahahahaha!

I’m very grateful for each member of my group in the final project that we did. It was very stressful in the beginning. I used to go to cosmetology school with a girl who had a tattoo that said “Chaos brings order.” Oh how true it is. I’m a firm believer that all things do work together for good in my life and in the lives of others so long as they’re sincere in their motives.

I’m not bragging but my group had THE BEST FINAL PRODUCT despite getting a late start due to no one having a clear concept of where we were headed. I see the value in having an outline and vision.

It’s okay to have an outlined vision because it keeps us on track, we just must not become so rigid that God is unable to work through us.



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