Group Reflections Final

Our final projects showcased how much we have learned in this class over the course of the semester. I think everyone did a great job in delivering their message and showcasing the skills that they have picked up from every project and story we have had to do so far.

Mental Health —

I was very happy to see how you guys did your project. The stigma of Mental Health in our society is so frustrating and negative and it saddens me that it is always seen as a problem that needs to be rectified. People with mental health issues are seen as just that, people with issues, rather than people who may need help or are just different. This is why we have so many young adults, especially college students like you guys showed in your infographic, suffer from different issues personally because sometimes many do not want to come forward and admit they need help or get the support they need from fear of how their peers may judge them. I loved the interview you got with Mrs. Cate because she was so lively and strong willed/spirited and I thought you guys got great camera shots and soundbites. Good job overall.

Voices From The Field —

This story really hit home for me. Being a student athlete this year has been a tough one because of everything that has occurred in racial justice issues around our country. there were many times this season where I wanted to make a statement somehow before my volleyball games but I didn’t know how to do so. I think a story like this is important just to see what other athletes had to say or how they would handle it, especially the coaches and other adults. I will say some of the shots were a little bit too long on the subjects you had. Shortening up the clips and maybe getting some b-roll from a football practice would have been good to include. But overall, I liked the topic because it is a current events issue and something that I think more people should learn about.

Not My University —

I thought the How-to piece for this project was awesome. Sometimes being a minority on a large, predominately white college campus can be hard because you may not always feel like you fit in. I was glad that this group shed light on the topic in a way that all people can relate and/or recognize the reason why some students may feel this way. I like how you showed that this is not an attack or a reason to protest just because, it is because there are real issues that minorities face that we need people to realize and to join in becoming one. Good b-roll and some nice interviews. I liked a lot of the shots that were in the video package.

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