Colorism – Our Final Project


The final was the hardest project in this class. It really challenged me in all aspects of journalism, and maybe even what a real newsroom may be like on an everyday basis. It was a struggle but we were able to pull it together in the end.  I learned a lot about myself and working with a team during this project. You truly needed all members of the group pulling their weight and when one member fell through, it made the job way tougher. But we were able to put together our piece with very little to work with. Although I am not as happy about the final product, I am glad we finished and didn’t leave anything out.


We were assigned the Psychological Effects of Racism with a specification on Colorism. This is a topic that hits home for me because I am a brown-skinned black women in a country that was built around racism. I experienced it growing up and it was really hard for me and I struggled with self-esteem when I was a young girl. As I grew up and became more educated on how it began, I realized that it wasn’t me that was the problem. I think this story is very relevant right now, especially in an era where beauty and vanity is rampant and things like this are important to people.

I specifically worked on the Video Package and the Infographics. I know a lot about black history but even I learned many new things through the interviews I conducted and the research I did. Not my best, but I am glad we pulled through.

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