End of Semester Reflection


When I started this semester, I was very nervous about entering J-215. I had heard from friends that it was very difficult and demanding, which scared me a bit, despite the fact that I have a history in both radio and online content.

It didn’t take long for me to figure things out and get my footing. In the first assignment I started working on my photographic eye. There was a bit of shaky camera work here and there, but there are some shots that I’m still very proud of and shocked that I was able to create such great work so early.


My second assignment was the photo essay, and If I’m being honest with myself, I put it off for far too long. I allowed the fact that it was relatively simple assignment to serve as an excuse for doing it only a night before It was due. While the project still turned out well, I definitely felt like I could have gotten a lot lot better of shots had I put more time and effort in. After this experience, I made sure that I didn’t procrastinate for this class- and I think it shows in the quality of my videos and creations afterwards.


(this might be my favorite photo I have taken though. Something about the lighting and the glow of the neon really catches my eye.)

Assignment 3 is also one of my least favorite assignments I made. I love the shots I made for this project, and was on top of filming and planning for the project, but I hadn’t recorded any audio for the class, and ended up doing it last minute. The audio came out sounding really sad, and I remember the class kind of thinking that there might be something wrong with me. I even showed it to my friend who I shot with, and he started laughing at the audio and from time to time quotes it, imitating the sadness of my audio. If I could, I would go back and re-record the audio for this video so that It could take a different tone.

My friend Jack Josellis actually bricks this free throw, but his form looks much better for the picture

My friend Jack Josellis actually bricks this free throw, but his form looks much better for the picture

I might have had the most fun working on my audio package, as I got to check out a underground radio station and learn about their day to day operations. As someone who fell in love with media and journalism through radio, It made me miss my old high school radio station, and made me want to sign up to host a radio show next semester. Every one I interviewed gave good responses and had fun all around creating the package. It might not have been my best work, but it was the one I had the most fun creating.

Next came the video package, which I might be the most proud of. Nothing worked out and I needed to go to plan B’s and plan C’s the result is an imperfect project, but one that showed that I am a capable journalist, who is able to pivot when things don’t work, creating solutions and creating a final product that seems more put together than the entire process.

I think this is when I figured out the difference between procrastinating on a project and working up until the last moment- There is a difference between putting off things you can control, and dealing and managing things you can’t.

Finally, there was the How-To, which gave me a little more creative leeway, and I think I did a lot with it. I was able to make a video that felt like a parody, while creating something that was actually educational. With so much more in my control, I was able to re-shoot and re-record audio to the point where I felt like there isn’t really a blemish in this assignment. I spent tons of time on the writing, shooting and recording of this project. This is my last solo project, and at this point I had the most mastering in editing and shooting and I think it really shows, while I’m very proud of the group work I did on the project, I think this shows me at my current best, what I can do when I have time and control of the situation.


Then to conclude the class, there was the group project.
The group project was demanding- sometimes it felt like as a group we were on different pages and had different creative visions for the project.  I don’t mean this as an insult to my teammates, It’s just a reality of any group project, especially one that involves people splitting up different pieces of projects and creating a piece of art. Very seldom does one person start painting a portrait and then ask their friend to take over. However, I feel like it offered me valuable lessons in working as a team and making sure that every voice was heard and had a role. Like many projects I’ve discussed previously, It felt imperfect, but such is the reality- journalistic multi-media projects are not like films- you don’t have years and months to figure every single thing out, sometimes you just have to except that things will not always be how you want them.

I loved this class- I can’t wait to take similar classes soon.  This class inspired me to want to create more, and I hope that over the next few months I will be able to create more and express myself more. I want to start hosting a radio show next semester, I want to start writing for the DI again, and I want to keep pursuing comedic forms of expression. I hope to have another class with Dr. Collins and all other people in our class. See you all soon.

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