Assignment 1 Griffin

Going into this class, I wasn’t really sure of what to expect. I thought, ‘Yeah we’ll probably do some writing, maybe a view voiceovers, just some boring stuff.’ But on my first day that mindset was immediately changed. During the first class period, we were handed an entire camera kit that contained a $2000 dollar camera. My eyes lit up. I cradled the camera like it was own baby. Yes, I have always had a knack for finer things in life and at the time was least expecting our journalism class to lend us such a nice camera for a whole semester, but this brought forth an excitement for a class here at UIUC I’ve never felt before.

A wooden statue of who, my friends and I believe, is Spanish Conquistador Don Quixote. My first shot on the camera.

My camera and I were put to test quite quickly when Dr. Collins gave us assignment one: getting to know your camera. This truly was a test, as I had become so fond of the high-functiong piece of technology from a far that I realized I barely knew how to work the gosh-darn thing.

The assignment required us to use the camera to take a series of different shots. My first issue was getting the camera to even work properly. I originally went through two different SD cards to finally find the one that suited my camera. I probably should’ve took notes of what SD card Dr. Collins told us to get but that’s not the point here. Once my camera was finally operational, I set sail to look for some picture-worthy locations. First one that popped into my head was the good ‘ol Memorial Stadium.

As I left my house for destination Memorial Stadium, I wrapped the camera around my neck and cradled it steadily in my hands. I felt powerful with the camera in my hands, it gave me a feeling I’ve never really had before. I guess I just enjoyed having it out.

On my walk, I would get some of my best shots I had taken during the entire assignment. I found that if I were to just get out of the house with the camera in my hand, I was able to find picture-worthy locations in almost anything. Photography was never something I had really been fond of, or even experienced first hand, but this assignment was eye opening.

Now, onto my issues during the assignment. I think I took my best shots when I was able to keep the camera on a tripod or simply take a still with the camera in my hands. My completed assignment is evidence of that. The shots I really struggled with were the videos without the tripod, the zooming in and out, and the panning shots. I struggled with working my tripod at times. Sometimes the camera would get to loose on the top and I wouldn’t be able to move the camera without it being incredibly shaky. I ended up getting the shots completed, but to say the least, I wasn’t very happy with them.

Once all the shots were completed, we were onto the editing. While the editing did take place in class, it was still quite stressful. Adobe Premiere seemed somewhat complex on my initial experience but thankfully Dr. Collins walked us through it. Editing is an area I really hope to improve in. A lot of my experience ¬†with editing has been negative. In the past, I’ve felt like I’ve gotten good-looking shots but my editing with those shots sort of ruined them. That’s something I definitely hope to improve on and something I know this class will help me with.

This assignment did cause some stress, but more importantly it got me incredibly excited for J215 Multimedia with Professor Collins. I’ve always been an adventurous type and I feel like this class will allow me to have some great experiences. I’m always striving to improve my journalistic ability and I feel like I’m in the right place.

To check out my completed first assignment, click here.

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