Assignment 1 Barakat

What’s up everybody! My name is Zack. This is my third journalism class I’m taking at school here. I am learning a lot so far and hope to learn more as time goes along. I hope to work in sports and entertainment someday and am looking forward to building my skills to be able to do so. I enjoy doing new things and I like to keep my life exciting. This is one of the reasons why I chose this field of study because everyday is different. I love being active and doing things that are fun and I think this field has plenty to offer in that respect. One of my favorite quotes is, “The best teacher in life is experience.” Hopefully many more experiences of which will come!

I went into assignment one thinking, “Oh this should be easy. All I have to do is take some basic shots. Piece of cake.” Boy was I wrong! I ended up spending a bunch of time on this assignment. I have used some camera equipment before, but I totally underestimated the amount of things the Rebel can do. There were so many features to it and to be honest, I don’t even know if I was still using the right settings. This was my first time using a professional camera like this. It was a bit frustrating, but I hung in there and tried my best. Definitely hope to get used to more of the settings as class goes on.

My pictures and videos were average. I for sure have a lot of room for improvement. It takes time to plan out what you may want to shoot and what types of shots you want to get. I feel like I took some pretty decent photos. My videos were decent as well, but not the best. I felt like it was difficult to zoom in and out without effecting the shot, given its location and due to that some of my video shots were shaky. Panning left and right and tilting up and down were difficult as well because it takes practice to get good shots of that as well. I tried multiple times to get it right and still felt like it could be better, so it requires a lot of patience. I took many shots so it’s good to be organized and make sure you aren’t taking too little or too many shots.

I found the tripod shots easier to do because it kept things more steady, as opposed to holding it with your hands. The tripod can be tricky as well and can take so time getting used to. The tripod got stuck for me a few times when trying to pan left/right and tilt up/down.

Editing was difficult to start because there are many different settings to get used to on there as well. I have previously used Final Cut Pro, which made things a little easier. Adobe Premiere was fairly similar to Final Cut off first glance and I would like to see if it has more features to offer as we do more projects.

The camera overall was pretty good to work with. I have never used a professional camera for taking pictures like this before. It was crazy to see how clear the images would turn out when uploaded and how clear some of the images were when you zoom in. I had my camera set on manual focus and that was solid overall. I’m going to give the auto-focus a try next time.

One mishap I came across was the battery life for the camera. I felt like the camera lost battery fairy quickly, so it is good to get your pictures in an efficient time frame and to keep your battery charged.

I think assignment one was a great first assignment to start off with. I think it is good that we got the chance to experiment with the camera and take photos and videos and learn as each project comes along. The assignment didn’t feel like it was too demanding and gave some good criteria for getting down the basics.

I specifically took pictures of miscellaneous things around campus which was interesting because I got to see parts of the campus and learn new information about some of the things around here. I also went to other parts of the community to get some photos as well. I appreciate how we get to go out and actually get our hands dirty because journalists truly do a lot of things and should be multi-skilled.

I think this course will prepare us well for what it will be like holding an actual job in this field or a related field. Multimedia journalism is extremely important and can also be a very fulfilling job. It is critical to know how to shoot, edit, and communicate, especially under time constraints, so I feel like we are on the right path to be successful.

Professor Collins has so much experience in this field and it will be great to learn from her as class continues. The class is pretty fast paced, but Professor Collins makes sure we are all caught up and progressing at a good pace. She is extremely helpful and provides a lot of resources to get help, if needed.

There were definitely some points of struggle during this assignment, but it all works out. That’s the point of this course, to learn, so it is okay to struggle and admit it. As long as you keep a positive attitude and steadily progress throughout each of your struggles, you should be fine.

We are all working and learning together which is the best thing about this course. You can develop relationships and go through some of the same complications together. The best part about it is that the work is fulfilling and engaging and fun. Pumped to see what is in store for the rest of class!
My youtube video can be seen here! Check it out!

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