Assignment 1 Smith

Hello! My name is Cassandra Smith and this is my very first blogging experience ever and I am so excited to be doing so for my multimedia class! I am a senior in Broadcast Journalism with a focus in history and music. I am thrilled to take this class as it ties in all mediums of the broadcasting world: Photography, video, and audio. I have experience with videography through my Television 1 class, but photography is a whole new animal for me.

This assignment was all about getting to know your camera and as Dr. Collins says, the “Larry Bird” of photographing which for someone who knows absolutely nothing about sports I was confused, but I went along with it.  We were given a list of different elements to go out into the world and capture such as a close up shot, a photography taken from a low angle (pictured above), as well as others.

For most of my project, I used Foellinger Auditorium because I am fascinated by it. I especially love it at night when it is lit up (Sadly not picture), but it is exquisite. I love how the building is set up and more importantly the stairs and columns. There is a sort of grandness to the building that gives it a unique beauty.

I’m from Danville, IL which is not far from the University of Illinois, but I never had a chance to explore its buildings until I started attending school here. So when I laid eyes on Foellinger it was love at first sight.

I liked this project because it gave me an opportunity to take a closer look at our campus and explore sights that I have been curious about. The McFarland Bells are pretty easy to spot on campus, but getting up close to them was quite a sight.

Overall, this assignment set me up for great excitement for the future in this class. If you would like to see more photographs of my campus adventure, please click here.

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