Assignment 1 Sabitt

During this assignment, I found it very difficult to complete. I had no previous camera experience and this assignment allowed me to learn how to use a camera in many different ways. I saw this assignment as a way for me to begin my multimedia journey. I found that my photos were not as well- done as other students in the class but I’m not too worried about that considering how I viewed this assignment as more of a learning experience.
Going forward, I would like to put together better quality. As previously stated, this wasn’t as much about quality to me, as it was an opportunity. I received some help from friend both in and out of journalism while doing this project. I have no previous camera experience and needed to know my way around the camera and tripod further, even after Professor Collins description. I think that the start of this class has been a bit overwhelming. It’s a lot to learn, and a lot to learn fast. I’m excited and motivated by Professor Collins’ positive energy and know that while I will struggle at time, I am also going to make it through and learn very valuable skills that I will need even if I weren’t Journalism major.

Multimedia may be the most important class that I have taken thus far being as I have no prior skills in the topic. Multimedia skills are not only valuable being a Journalist, but will also be a very valuable asset in any profession being as we are becoming a very technology- heavy society.

This assignment helped me realize that I have a lot to learn, and I know that Professor Collins is the perfect mentor for this mission. I found that some of my images came out blurry and off focus. I think that it’s important and encouraging that I was satisfied the quality of my work for this assignment. I strive to put together my best work possible no matter what I’m doing.

I chose to take pictures in and around my fraternity house for this assignment, and while some of the pictures were interesting, I think there are definitely better spots to get better quality pictures and videos. In our upcoming projects, I will seek out interesting areas around the community that could give me better quality sights and sounds.

I was very impressed with the equipment that has been rented to me for the semester. It’s a lot easier to learn something that I have no experience in when I know that my tools are some of the best possible tools I could be using. I know that it’s a big help for the department to have such great equipment and I look forward to learning more on how to utilize the tools I have to the best of my ability. I also realize that a lot of trust has been placed in me to handle such expensive equipment, and I appreciate that the Journalism department values their students enough to take a risk on giving us some great equipment.

I think that this assignment showed me how unique this class is going to be. In my previous Journalism classes, I was able to learn about the industry, specifically how to write like a Journalist. This class is much different than any of these classes because their is no writing involved. I see this as a way of keeping up with the evolution of Journalism.

In past decades, Journalism was about giving the news, through broadcast or print. While this remains to be the case, the technology we have to present the public with our primary objective, which is to give the public up-to date news. We have reached a renaissance in the field where competition is as high as any other profession. We now live in a world where news is presented so quickly that news outlets have to compete to be the first to break news that the public would value.

Multimedia is the biggest part of this renaissance. I talked about the equipment we have but also technology we carry with us at all times gives Journalists an edge. We have the ability to take out our phones and use them to collect any videos, photos, or interviews that might be necessary to a breaking story.

The newsroom has also changed with this enhanced technology and I look forward to knowing how to edit, and use these devices in order to become the best Journalists I could possibly be.

As I stated before, I wasn’t necessarily satisfied with the quality of my photos and videos for this project, but this won’t stop me from using this experience in a positive way to help me with future projects and class assignments.

In my previous classes struggling with assignments has been a little bit different. In most cases I could look back to prior education to help me succeed with any roadblock I would reach.

In multimedia, I have to learn on the fly and use my resources such as teachers and classmates to help me with any problems that I may be having.

I think it’s important to admit that I did struggle to learn my camera because it’s only going to motivate me to become that much better as we move along with this course. Normally, I look forward to improving my craft, and I look forward to doing the same with multimedia, while also learning how to use certain things.

I know that I will be able to succeed because of the positive vibes I have received from Professor Collins and my fellow classmates. While we have only been in class for about a week, I think that their is a certain feeling amongst the class that we are all going to make it through this mission together by having supportive dialogue with ourselves.

Professor Collins seems like she has the perfect balance of insight and motivation skills to lead us through this journey, and help us become much better Journalists.

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