Assignment 1 Williamson

I’ve always liked to take pictures, even though I really haven’t ever known that much about it before. It’s been an entertaining hobby that I picked up on when I was little, watching my dad fiddle around with the camera on family vacations. We often joke with my dad that his grand-kids won’t know what he looked like while my sister and I were growing up, due to the fact that he was the one taking so many pictures, rather than being in any of them. If you’re reading this and have any interest in seeing the video I made for my assignment, you can check it out here!

I was really excited for the class after our first meeting, especially upon finding out the teacher was fun, but could teach me a lot, and also after receiving the nicest camera I’ve ever held in my hands. The first assignment worried me, however, as I was learning a lot. There was a new camera, with new focusing options, as well as new software programs, a new computer system, and other things. I was worried my nervousness and inexperience may have hindered my ability to take really good pictures and videos for the assignment.

I think during the assignment I was worried about trying to figure out the new camera, and worrying about how to make sure my photos were really quality. I’ve always been a writer, so this is a whole new way of expanding my portfolio of skills, which is never a bad thing, though it can sometimes be a struggle. I think that I struggled a little bit learning how to properly utilize the focus, and when to have a far focus vs a near focus. I also struggled coming up with photo ideas for a while. I wanted my media to be visually appealing, but I also wanted to be able to make a story out of each one, which I wasn’t always able to. I think by the time I finished the assignment, I was seeing cool pictures in everything I walked past. I have found that a key to me finding good images and videos is to not struggle too hard to look for them. I like to write books, and sometimes you just have to wait for the idea to come to you. I think photography is the same way.

That being said, even though I may not have had the best pictures and videos in the class, or the most experience. I still really enjoyed the assignment, and had fun doing it. I enlisted the help of some of my friends. Though the video for the assignment may not have come out as great as I would have liked, I think I have learned a lot about my new camera in the past week. I am really looking forward to learning how to use it better, and continue to improve my skills in photography over the course of the semester.

I learned a lot today when we were editing our assignments. Sometimes it was hard to keep up, due to learning a whole new system, but I think in the long run, while helping (and being helped by) my classmates and Professor Collins, we managed to figure it out well.

Looking back on the assignment, I’d change some things. First of all, I’d have a few better, sunnier, days to take pictures and videos. I’d also start a little sooner in order to have more ideas turn out better. Preferably, I would go back and focus the pictures a little better. I didn’t realize while it was happening, but sometimes the lighting in a room would make the camera a little fuzzy. I hope I can learn how to edit these things out of pictures as we go through the semester!

I also found out that my classmates are very nice and helpful, which is really encouraging. The best way to learn something without bugging the teacher is to ask a classmate. I think our little “newsroom” will work really well together. I’m excited for it!

Though I was anxious with starting the first assignment, I think once I get the hang of it, and start to find my feet with the new camera, I’ll only continue to take better picture and videos… I hope!

All anxiety disregarded, I’m excited for this semester, and think I’m going to have the perfect combination of learning a lot, and also having fun! The only way to increase your skills in something is to repeat it. As I use the camera and Adobe programs more, I look forward to performing better with them. I’m anxious going forward, but also very excited!

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