Assignment 1 Kerndl

Hi! My name is Angela Kerndl.  I am extremely relieved to be done with Assignment One.  The shooting and editing was a bit stressful and I felt like I had no idea what I was doing for most of the time while we were using Adobe Premier. That being said,  I am really looking forward to seeing improvements in my work throughout the semester.   I can’t wait to learn more about all things multimedia!

I’ve always loved photography.  I’ll take thousands of pictures at a time when I’m on vacation, ones I’ll upload to my computer and probably never look at again.  I also have tons of pictures of food on my camera.  I write for UIUC’s Spoon University, so that’s why.

Going into this class, I felt a little bit intimidated when my friend told me it would definitely be a lot of work. While I do have some experience using a camera, I have absolutely no experience working with video or video editing.  However, I’m glad we jumped right in and started learning all of it right away.

I really enjoyed shooting for this assignment.  I started working on it at the Women’s March in Champaign on Saturday, January 21.  I thought that would be the perfect time to start testing out the new camera.  I finished the rest of my shooting on the quad and near my apartment.

I am satisfied with my photos, but definitely see room for improvement with my videos.  I wasn’t really sure what to record, so some of them are kind of random and boring.  I also didn’t realize how helpful the tripod would be.  I never knew how horrible a video could be without using a tripod until now.  I apologize for some of the background voices in a few of my videos.

I am really excited to use this assignment as a jumping off point for the rest of the semester.  You can check out my video here!



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