Assignment 1 McQueen


Before this assignment, I had never truly used a professional camera before. We had one at home that my dad would use and I would take it and take random pictures. I also learned from this assignment the different shots and angles to video and photography. I really enjoyed this assignment because it helped me come out of my comfort zone and taught me something new that I will be able to carry with me as I pursue a career in journalism. 

I believe as a journalist, it is important to learn all sides and not just one. Although I had never used a camera before this first assignment, I really thought this assignment was going to be a walk in the park, I was completely wrong. I did have some trouble trying to figure out how to use my camera, take pictures, turn on the video, figure out how to switch from video to picture mode.  There was also a point where I did not want the flash on  and the flash kept popping up and I was getting more and more frustrated. It was important for me to be patient which was what I needed. I have never been a patient person, but this assignment helped bring that out. I was also very happy with some of the shots I got outside. After looking back at some of my shots, I never realized how photogenic this campus was. You really can get some beautiful pictures and I am excited to take more as I continue in the course.

The hardest part of the assignment was editing in class. I had some experience with editing in high school, however I had a classmate that was very skilled in that aspect sit with me and once I got frustrated he would take over and do it for me. That was not the case today. I believe editing really taught me patience and to ask questions. The editing process for me started out little rough. I thought my pictures and videos were imported onto adobe premier, however, I was having trouble trying to drag it on. Aft er thirty minutes of trying to figure out what happened and asking my classmates for help, that God Professor Collins was able to figure that my shots were not completely uploaded. By the time everything was imported,  I was very behind compared to my classmates. This was also good practice for the future because when the time comes and I am in the newsroom, I will have to be quick and think on my feet. I was calm and did my best to work as fast as I could. Luckily my neighbors were done with their projects and were able to lean over and help me get caught up to speed. In the end, I did end up finishing on time and I was very proud. In situations like those it is important to keep a positive attitude and stay calm. Getting stressed and frustrated will only slow you down.

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