Protest the Ban- Kerndl

Local residents march in protest of President Donald Trump’s immigration orders at the University of Illinois Willard Airport on Sunday, January 29, 2017.

I started to freak out as soon as assignment two was announced.  How would I be able to capture and tie together all four emotions: afraid, fearful, excitement, and hopeful?  I knew it would be challenging.  I wasted no time thinking of ideas, but nothing was coming to mind.  Then of course, we hear news of President Donald Trump’s  executive order and travel ban on Friday, January 27, 2017.

Shortly after, marches and rallies across the nation formed in protest.  When I found out there would be a march at the University of Illinois Willard Airport,  I felt relieved.  I figured that would be the perfect place to shoot assignment two. There’d be array of emotions there for sure.

After I drove around for a solid 20 minutes trying to find a parking spot, I got out and was surprised by how many people there were.  It was extremely cold out, and of course I forgot to wear gloves.  At one point it even began snowing.

A little girl holds up a sign during the march at Willard Airport on Sunday, January 29, 2017.

There were all sorts of people there, from children, to the Mayor of Urbana, to an Illinois State Representative.  There were also several people with cameras, so I felt comfortable getting right in there to start shooting.

I tried to capture as many emotions as possible.  During the march, outside the airport, there were a lot of serious faces and ones that were afraid and fearful as to what the future holds for our nation after the recent executive orders.  There was also excitement in peoples’ faces while they were chanting beliefs they were passionate about.  Despite the obvious uncertainty regarding our nation’s future, some people still seemed to look hopeful about the situation.

A man and women march together in protest at Willard Airport on Sunday, January 29, 2017.

In the first photo, I set the scene with a picture of the whole protest to understand the scale of the demonstration.  My sound then begins with the second photo.  I thought it would be important to record some of the chants I heard while the march was going on.  I decided to include sound throughout the video beginning with and following the second photo because they all capture the march itself.

I really like my second photo of the women holding the sign saying “No Ban No Wall!”  I thought her face really captured the emotion ‘fearful.’  I then transitioned into afraid.  From there the images begin to show excitement while people are both marching and chanting. The look on the woman’s face definitely says hopeful to me.  Despite the chaos, she looks hopeful for the future.

Although I was a little stressed out about this assignment at first, I really ended up enjoying it.  I loved being able to attend this rally and capture people’s emotions.  You can check out my entire video here.

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