Assignment 2 Li






Another week went by and it is time to present my assignment 2 covering topics about excitement and hope. Instead of randomly choosing places on campus to take photos, I picked the Chinese New Year party, an event hosted by Taiwanese Student Association, to be the theme for this particular assignment. Personally, I believe the event is just perfect to shoot photos that include happiness and excitement.

It was fun to capture all the moments whether it was when people were excited about the interactive games or the time when the hosts drew the raffle tickets to find out who got to take home the biggest prize.

The editing process went smoothly this time as I had decided not to edit them in class. It allowed me to work on the assignment a little longer and on my own pace. Compare to my last editing experience, I’ve got the chance to play with the software more this time and to figure out how to make my video more polished by trying almost every video transition in the software.

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