The Ones that Helped Me Through -McQueen

When I was in elementary school, my friends and I had a saying “first is the worst, second is the best”. Another journalism assignment done and published. I liked this assignment better than the first one because I felt challenged. This assignment taught me to be patient, and to shoot what caught my eye. During our lecture last week, Professor Collins went around the room asking each of us to name an emotion and that was the purpose of this assignment.

The emotion that I chose to share with the class was happiness. I believe being happy is such a key factor to life, it connects to having positivity in one’s life. The purpose of this assignment was to capture four different emotions. My common theme was reactions to college. College can be a place filled with one hundred different emotions that run through each student’s mind.   Throughout your four years of college you will have fun times with laughter, you will hit hard times where you feel stress and anxiety, etc. All of these emotions occur as you as person start to transition from a teenager to a young adult and you start to find yourself throughout the years.

Being a transfer my sophomore year was one of the hardest processes I had ever gone through.  It was a rough transition for me. It was hard for me to pic a topic that I was able to strongly connect to until I thought about my friends here at U of I. I would not be where I am today without the friends made and relationships I have built. My mom always told me that the relationships built in college are the ones you will keep for the rest of you life going forward. She also taught me to surround myself with positive people and also people who have the same goals and values as I do. I decided for this assignment to capture my hard-working friends as they continue their journey to receiving their degree by Spring 2018. They inspire me to keep pushing to reach my goals and as they all tell me that I will be a great reporter in the future.

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