Photo Essay: Fraternal Fun.

And thus, the ball starts rolling. I definitely felt much more confident going into this assignment than I did the first. It didn’t take me very long to hone in on a topic for my photo essay; my fraternity served as a wonderful point of focus for my efforts. The added bonus of it being our rush season gave me added enthusiasm for the project.

The Phi Kappa Theta crest, which displays all of our values and beliefs.

My shooting started at our Monday rush event, which was essentially an open house. The event had low attendance, but the brothers who came were in good spirits. I captured images of the brothers playing games and eating pizza, as well as a few images of our fraternal decor.

On Tuesday, the fun continued with our second event for the week, which was bowling and pool at the Union. This event had a better turnout, and the energy was much higher. We had several guys come through who were interested in the fraternity, and we all had a good time. I found it really interesting trying to capture action shots of the bowling. It made me want to at least try capturing stills from a more high energy sport such as basketball or soccer.

All in all, this was an enjoyable assignment. Given the topic I chose to cover, I wasn’t able to adequately incorporate all the major themes that I wanted to, but I do think I did a good job capturing excitement and hope. That’s what rush events are built on, is the hope that those who want to join our ranks come spend time with us so we can get to know them better. Fear and other negative emotions were harder to find in this situation, and thus I don’t have any stills that actively convey them. Nonetheless, I’m proud of the images I captured, and I’m excited for the video essay coming up next!

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