Assignment 2 Polcyn

My friend Will Sachet shows a big smile; just like his shirt

This week I completed our second assignment! Honestly, going into it, I was very clueless as to what I was going to do. In class before we actually started, our class came up with the four main words to focus on for the assignment which were afraid, fear, excitement and hopeful. This really puzzled me to start, but after some thought the best idea I came up with was taking pictures of my friends. Below, I will be reflecting on some of my results. Or, you can watch my final 12 pictures I selected here!


Danny Kirsch (left) and Danny Bednarek (right) seem to have different opinions on getting their pictures taken

I think that afraid was almost the toughest emotion to actually capture on my friends, mostly because when I was shooting we were all just hanging out in our house and relaxing. However, I found that it was not as bad as I necessarily expected. Though my friends were aware I was taking pictures it was still not too difficult to catch them off guard which even though they may not have been “afraid,” it can definitely give that perception in my photos.

To the right is a couple friends who I got a picture of in the laundry room. As you can see they definitely have different reactions, one being more ready for the photo than the other. I think this gave off a good image for the emotion of afraid.


Liam sits in fear of another Illini loss against Wisconsin

Fear was very similar to afraid in that I never really caught any of the people in the photos being either fearful or afraid. However, there were certain situations that could definitely portray the emotion of fear.

In the photo I shared to the left you can see my friend Liam upset and looking almost exhausted. At the time we were watching Illinois’ 10-point loss to Wisconsin. I think this photo showed fear really well because go one, the circumstances, and two the image in itself. However, this was still definitely the toughest shot for me to get. Obviously it is all up to interpretation but I think that this is the weakest attempt I had at trying to capture the emotion we were going for. Anyways, I think it definitely could have been worse.


Excitement was one of the coolest and probably easiest to capture. As I said earlier I just spent time with friends, but in doing so it was easy to find someone laughing, or just generally getting excited about something going on in the room.

Danny Bednarek (right) is really excited about his laundry

I really enjoyed getting these kinds of shots because not only was it fun for me, but lay friends had fun as well. It is not our typical way to spend time together, but nevertheless it was entertaining and we had a good time. Excitement was also cool because I think there are so many ways to really express excitement. In most of my pictures it came out as laughing, but there is so much more to it than just letting out a good laugh. Excitement is so versatile in the way that it is expressed that you could look at another students photos and see a completely different picture. Where afraid or fear is much more limited and on a much more negative side of the spectrum.


Our final shot to capture was hopeful. Hopeful, like excitement, was also a very fun image to capture. It is very similar in how versatile it is and it is really something that gives everyone a good feeling about something. Being hopeful can be seen in many different ways, but to me the most hopeful image that comes to mind is what I chose as my featured photo. Nothing says hope or happiness like a big smile on somebody’s face. Also, I thought it just happened to be so perfect that in the picture of my friend Will smiling, he had a shirt that clearly said “smile” on it as well. This was easily my favorite picture I have taken yet so far in this class and is something that I really enjoyed. Hopeful is the way I hope to take most of my shots for the class going forward.

In the end, I enjoyed this assignment. I was much more comfortable editing and especially how I used the camera. It was a big step forward and I can’t wait to keep learning.

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