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Finally, assignment three is over with!  I looked at a lot of past students’ work and was really looking forward to shooting my own video essay for assignment three.  Again, I was having a bit of trouble coming up with an idea, until I heard from my old track coach.  He told me he would be in town for the USATF meet this weekend.  I always love going to track meets here to see my former coach, teammates, and their parents.  I figured this would be the perfect place to shoot my video essay, so I brought my camera along and had a great time shooting.

Jenna Diers prepares for her 400m dash at the Armory on Sunday, February 5, 2017.

The Story

This whole scene used to be my entire life when I was in high school, so I felt comfortable getting right in and shooting.  I decided to create a story with the main focus on Lincoln-Way West High School senior Jenna Diers.   She’s a 2x All-American in the 800 meter run and the 4×800 meter relay and definitely a star athlete on her team, TrackMySpeed.  Jenna will run cross country and track and field at Colorado State University next year.  I’ve only met her once before, but I’m glad I got to know her a little more after working on this project.

I ended up shooting Jenna while she prepared for her race, while she was in the blocks, the start of her race, part of the race itself, the end of the race, her coach yelling at her after, and then her reaction of how she thought she performed.   I’m definitely glad I got to talk to her; I thought an interview would really tie the story together nicely.


I was very happy with the interview I got to have with Jenna.  Not surprisingly, she has a lot of experience with interviews, and was able to give me in great detail her thoughts on her race.  I did break apart the interview into two parts at the end because the entire interview lasted over 1:30, but I did notice the two parts didn’t go together perfectly.  So, in the future, I would make sure to transition something like this better.

Jenna Diers responds to questions from her coach about her race on Sunday, February 5 at the Armory.

I really liked the natural sound throughout and thought the audio editing ended up turning out nicely. I enjoyed being able to hear her coach’s voice in the background as well as him yelling at her after her race.  Additionally,  I thought the transitions I added were appropriate.  However, I do wish I could have gotten a better shot at the end of her race.  I also wish I would have gotten more interesting angles throughout the video essay.  I was a little disappointed with how some of the videos turned out, while the camera was trying to focus.  I left the settings on auto, and it didn’t end up looking super great when the video would blur in and out so often.

I also noticed how there were a couple static noises throughout the video and I thought that might have just been something that would go away once it was out of the Adobe Premier program, but I noticed it still in my video when it was on YouTube.  So for future assignments, I will definitely make sure not to have that problem again.  I would definitely say I need a lot more practice using Adobe Premier.  I ended up staying at Greg Hall until 1:30 am trying to get everything right, but I’m hoping once I get the hang of it more, I’ll spend far less time in the editing process.

Overall, I really loved shooting for this assignment.  I hope to keep seeing improvements in my work and cannot wait to get started on the next assignment.

You can check out my work for assignment three here!



1 thought on “Race Day- Kerndl

  1. Schmitt, Olivia Isabel

    Great Job, Angela!

    I love your idea for this assignment. Sporting events are always exciting to cover, especially when you can capture the athletes’ triumphs and disappointments. I thought you had a great opening shot. You definitely told a story with a beginning, middle, and end. I liked your usage of transitions throughout your video. They were never distracting or out of place. My favorite part of your video essay was definitely the natural sound from the coach yelling at Jenna. That was a powerful scene, and I’m glad you were able to get close to that difficult conversation between Jenna and her coach. My one suggestion to you would be to make sure your interviews are steady and shot with a tripod. I know you mentioned this in your reflection, and I know you will nail this next time! Additionally, there was a small jump-cut in the interview at the end. Maybe, you can cover that with b-roll to make it more seamless. Overall, great job! I really loved this piece, and I cannot wait to see what you produce next week!


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